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Psle 2012 Science Answers For Homework

PSLE Prep is a completely free app to prepare students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), conducted by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. With this app you get access to over 1500 solved questions for the PSLE in Maths & Science.
Designed by one of the largest online education companies in Southeast Asia, this is a high quality study resource trusted by over 10 million students.

* Highlights*
* Completely free & without Ads
* Contains solutions to all Maths & Science Textbooks for Primary 1 to Primary 6
* Homework Help section where you can ask any PSLE related question & get answers from our Maths & Science experts within 24 hrs
* A large question bank of PSLE Q&A within the Homework Help section that you can browse to increase your knowledge & be ready for any question that might come up in the exam
* Beautifully designed native iOS app which will make studies enjoyable

What’s in the app?
PSLE is the most important exam for students of Primary 6. PSLE Prep gives you access to the most important study material right on your iPhone or iPad. Now studying for the exam or clearing a doubt is just a tap away.

The app also has Textbook solutions & Homework help for students of Primary 1-5. We believe starting early & building a strong base is the best way to get ready for the PSLE.

Example of Workbooks & Activity books that we have solved in this app for Primary 6
My Pals are here for Science & Math
Shaping Maths
Activity Books - Cycles, Energy, Interactions, Systems

Highest quality guaranteed!
The solutions in this app have been written by subject matter experts with over 15 years experience in Maths & Science. The solutions are designed to be precise & accurate, so that your studies with this app are highly effective.

Clear every doubt!
The Homework Help section in the app allows you to ask any academic doubt & get an answer from a Meritnation Academic Expert. Stuck with a PSLE Math problem? Just ask it in the app & get an answer within 24 hours :)

A delightful experience!
We want you to get the best possible study experience. That’s why we designed this PSLE app meticulously keeping in mind the latest design principles of iOS 9. And to make sure we do not disturb you there are no ads in the app. It’s completely free for you :)

**About Us**
Meritnation is one of the largest education companies in Asia with over 10 million students across India, Gulf & Singapore. We have over 6 years of experience building high quality Education Platforms, Content & Apps!

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