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Calvin College Admissions Essay Writing

Calvin College Admissions Essay


Prompt: Calvin seeks students who will thrive in the academic, spiritual and community life at Calvin. With this in mind, how do you see yourself contributing to Calvin’s Christian learning environment?


            I would contribute to Calvin College’s atmosphere in many ways. Academically, I am willing to work hard. During Sophomore year, I had to take two AP History classes simultaneously, plus all honors classes as well. I enjoy taking challenging courses and am willing to work hard despite a busy schedule. I have a passion for academics and enjoy spending extra time on academic subjects that interest me. For example, because of my interest in International Relations, this past summer I spent time in Washington, DC at Georgetown University participating in an International Relations camp for high school students. I also take Japanese at my high school and this past summer I worked on translating pages of instructions for my karate teacher. In college I plan to challenge myself and take multiple languages as well as classes involving international relations.

            For various reasons, my spiritual life has been inconsistent; I hope that having a stable worship situation will help me develop a healthy relationship with our Creator. I am a singer and I would enjoy singing in worship. I also would enjoy the combination of academics and spirituality that Calvin supports. The possibility of studying about God in conjunction with studying contemporary Japanese culture gives a hopeful perspective on the erroneous ways of this world.

            As for community life, I am an introvert and do not enjoy large social gatherings as much as others. However, I am very openminded and enjoy more intimate conversations about other cultures and opinions. I am currently the president of the Japan Club at North Central and sing in the Indianapolis Youth Chorale. Throughout my high school career, my motto has been “Agree to Disagree.” The reason for this is that it is important to interact respectfully with people of various ideologies. If one can hold a civil discussion or debate with someone of a different ideology, it shows that both people are mature and can, despite their differences, remain friends. I believe that with my attitude and mindset, I will enjoy four exciting years at Calvin College.

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