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Management Accounting Case Study Pdf

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Here you can download a number of additional case studies to help you in your studies of Management Accounting. These are available in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.

Lecturers: Solutions and Teaching Notes to accompany these additional case studies are available from the Lecturer Centre of this OLC.

Case 01 - Leisure centre, NPV, sensitivity analysis

Case 02 - Transfer Pricing, Negotiated Transfer Prices, Divisional Autonomy

Case 03 - CVP, Probabilities and Target profits

Case 04 - Performance measures

Case 05 - Public Sector, Decision Making

Case 06 - Public sector, activity analysis, value added

Case 07 - Customer Profitability

Case 08 - Decision-making, international customers, non-financial factors

Case 09 - Wanstead Engineering

Case 10 - Greenwich Engineering

Case 11 - Internal supplies by Kamp Motors

Case 12 - Debate on cost allocation in the municipality of Statendam

Case 13 - Shipyard Progres

Case 14 - Groningen Arts Centre

If you do not have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat on your system, you may wish to download free, read-only versions of these programs from the Microsoft and Adobe Web sites.

If you do not have zip software on your system, you may wish to download a free, read-only version of the program from the WinZip Web Site.