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Discursive Essay Example Euthanasia

The issue I am discussing today is euthanasia. Euthanasia is a practice of terminating a life of a person in a painless or minimally painful way, usually by lethal injection. In some countries it is criminalised, but I believe that euthanasia should be legal, and a basic human right. Euthanasia is a controversial issue because of conflicting moral feelings between different cultures. People say that dying by euthanasia is to die with dignity, instead of living an artificial life on respirators and other life support machines. If a person is terminally ill, and there is nothing anyone can do for them, why should they have to suffer?The text I am focussing on is a very famous book called of mice and men.

This book is about a time in the great depression where two friends are struggling to find jobs. The character Lennie, who has a learning disability, is always getting into trouble for things that he doesnt realise are wrong. When Lennie crosses the line and accidentally kills a girl, George realises that if Lennie is caught, he will either be sent to a mental hospital or he will be tortured. Knowing what is truly best for Lennie, George shoots him.

The author John Steinbeck is able to effectivly convince the reader to accept his opinion by writing the book about a real life euthanasia situation rather than just sayingeuthanasia isnt murder. When the victim is seriously ill or a threat to the society they shall be put to sleep without breaking the law. It is better to end one life then let it suffer. It is wrong for one to suffer without intentionally doing something wrong. These are some of the arguments that John Steinbeck is getting across in his book.

It is hard to know if a life is worth living and when it isnt, but can a pain and suffering so incomprehensible ever be worth living for? A child who has severe disabilities or an elderly person with a painful disease would not get any enjoyment out of their life. Should society really force them to endure such a hardship?Some people may argue that every one should have the right to live, but they often dont know of the pain that these people go through. Sometimes the quality of life is so bad that people have the right to be put to rest if they choose. For example, a once strong, healthy, happy person is just lying in a bed unable to move.

Another issue in euthanasia is having to make a choice. Many people believe that voluntary euthanasia is a form of suicide, but the definition of suicide is a person who takes their life due to depression. For depression, people can get help. But for people with painful disabilities it is beyond their control. Some may argue that voluntary euthanasia is too bigger choice for someone to make, but shouldnt people have the option to be put to rest with dignity by means of an injection rather than forms of suicide?For those that have more severe handicaps, sometimes they are incapable of understanding the situation, which makes it more difficult.

Some consider involuntary euthanasia a type of murder, but murder is a crime committed against someone. If a person is severally in pain and unable to consent, then would the action of death be against the person, or would it be for the best?There is also a terrible pressure from society. All the arguments against voluntary euthanasia can be used by society to form a terrible psychological pressure on people to continue living for years against their better judgement. One example of this pressure is the risky and painful methods that those who genuinely wish to die would otherwise need to use, such as hanging.

There are other factors people often forget about euthanasia such as economic costs. There is a limit on human resources in the world, in some countries there is a serious shortage of hospital space. The energy of doctors should be put on peoples lives that can be saved instead of a continued life of somebody who wants to die. This would increase the general quality of care, and would shorten waiting lists.

It is also very hard on families do deal with not having the option of euthanasia. Instead of a memory of the person being happy and strong, they have a memory of the person lying there helpless, not able to feed themselves, get out of bed, or remember who they are.

You might say that you should not try and play god by taking someones life away, but then why would god want to inflict so much pain on its creations? i believe that knowone should have to live with a pain that is worse than death.


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10 Thought-Provoking Topics For An Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

In today’s society, we have either personally watched or seen stories of individuals being seriously ill (or in pain) to the point that they no longer want to live. No matter how much we care about a specific individual, if we truly of them (whether it is a friend, family member, or significant other), obeying their wishes is something that we will just have to abide by.

Euthanasia is the process in which medical professionals take in order to end one’s life (with the patient’s discretion and/or guardian’s decision). Everyone has mixed opinions about whether euthanasia is an ethical practice that should take place. Many debates and arguments have formed based around this to the point that the practice is illegal in many countries around the world.

In this article, we are going to list off 10 thought provoking topics that you could question/think of when writing your essay on euthanasia.

  1. Why are many countries from around the world banning the practice of euthanasia?
  2. If the patient previously stated clearly for themselves (whether it is written, verbally, or through video) that if such situation was to occur that they are okay with euthanasia, then why are individuals not upholding the patient's wishes?
  3. What countries currently ban the practice of euthanasia? Do they have any specific reasons as to why they will not accept licensed medical professionals to carry out such procedures?
  4. Who is the individual(s) that are capable of making the decision of euthanasia if the patient is unable to verbally express the decision for himself or herself?
  5. What are the exact methods used with euthanasia?
  6. Is the practice of euthanasia humane?
  7. Throughout the deciding process of this practice, is there a certain amount of time that is allocated to licensed professionals/caretakers/patients saying yes to carry out euthanasia?
  8. Should we be required to clearly state our decision to be okay or not okay with euthanasia in the worse case scenario if we ever become seriously ill?
  9. Are doctors capable of making this decision without the “okay” from family members/caretakers/friends?
  10. Should this practice only be set in place for those that are physically ill with life threatening sicknesses such as cancer, AIDS, etc.?

When writing your argumentative essay on euthanasia, put yourself on both sides of the perspective. How do you feel being the person to make the decision for your loved one? Are you okay with designating a significant other/family member to make the decision for you, in the worse case scenario you face a life-threatening illness?